Best security mod yet.

Where is the Bouncer in Menu?

Open your Wing Tab

From here, you will be able to access the full bouncer menu!

You will find the bouncer in you wing tab

Full Bouncer Menu Layout

What does all this mean?

These are your filters!

From here, you can adjust your filters to your desire. More info on each one is implemented in the mod, by looking at the bottom of the menu when highlighted over a single filter.

What else do I need to know?

For user selection, scroll down for quick accessibility.

From here, Whitelisting is available for avatar IDs, and the player itself; as well as the Blacklist, which would kick the player from instance if you are instance owner / world creator.Avatar whitelist will be version specific, alerting you if one is updated; and whether you want to whitelist or kick them

Very simple. You can now host your event / or chill in your own private worlds with no worries about anyone harassing, unauthorized / force joining, crashing, unauthorized avatars, etc.

Bouncer is currently on Lockdown.

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